About CAPA

The Canada Azerbaijan Partnership Association is a private, non-profit International Organization committed to helping Azerbaijan to realize its full economic and education development potential. The Partnership is focused on expanding productive and long term relationship between Canada and Republic of Azerbaijan in four major areas: politics, education, business and culture.

The Partnership Association has been established in Hamilton in 2002, by two successful scholars with the intention of working closely with governmental and independent institutions, regional and local organizations to provide them with information about the needs and real situation of Azerbaijan as well as Azerbaijan community in Canada.

One of the CAPA's goal is to focus on attracting new industry, educational technologies and promoting new business starts in Azerbaijan. To accomplish its goals the Partnership Association works by marketing and promoting Azerbaijan Republic in Canada as a new business area open for investment, and providing research and important information related to incentives for businesses.

The Partnership Association works closely with governmental and independent institutions, regional, corporate and local organizations to contribute to Azerbaijan's economic and education development efforts. Through state and private sector support, CAPA brings additional resources for enhancing competitiveness and accelerate growth in Azerbaijan's Economic and Education development.

email: canadaazerbaijan@rogers.com