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July 28, 2002


The Prime Minister of Canada,
The Right Honourable Jean Chretien
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A2
fax: 613-941-6900


Dear Prime Minister: 


The bill prepared to recognize the so-called Armenian genocide that has recently been turned into a law proposal by the Canadian Senate and presented to the government and the parliament has upset us. We would like to stress the negative impacts of this decision that serves as a misleading propaganda tool of Armenian associations and lobbies. Priory, this attitude of the Canadian Senate is of a nature that will harm CANADA-TURKEY and CANADA-AZERBAIJAN relationships. Moreover, it is certain that this decision encouraging the Armenian side will prepare a convenient medium for Armenian terrorist organizations like ASALA to restart their violent activities. Further, the ratification of this proposal and making it a law will certainly encourage Armenian Republic, which follows aggressive and expansionist policies, and lay grounds for new invasions by this aggressive state already holding more than 20% of the lands of the Republic of Azerbaijan under invasion, which is proven by several CSCE/OSCE summits, such as one in Budapest '94 or most important in Lisbon '96, or by the UN with its four Security Council Resolutions (822, 853, 874 and 884), as well as many other summits, conferences and meetings (e.g., Denver G8 summit, etc.) As a result, it is going to be much harder to establish peace in Caucasian Region essentially witnessing great pain.   

It might be deemed that the senate decision is fair and will serve humanitarian values, while significant historical facts prove the opposite. Before all, 1915ís incident, which had occurred in the dramatic conditions of the I. World War, is not genocide but deportation. Not only people of the Armenian nationality suffered during this major war. Fanatic Armenians neglecting pain suffered by other people, are representing their drama in the foreground. Have you ever thought how many people Turks have lost? Over two million Turks have lost their lives during that period. Large numbers of these people were innocent civilians massacred by Armenian gangs. Not only Turkish scientists remark these historical realities, it is possible to read such truth in works of many Western scholars. As an example, we can refer to the recently published by the American scholar Samuel Weems work "Secrets of a Christian Terrorist State. The Armenian Great Deception Series, St John Press, Dallas (2002)". Consequently, while taking a decision, views of the both sides must be considered. Unfortunately, our senate choosing not to act that way, has exhibited a double-standard attitude.     

Dear Prime Minister, we believe that fanatic Armenian patrons are deceiving Canadian public opinion by propagandizing that they work for humanitarian values and democracy. Once more, the ones who argue to defend the values respected by all, had in 1992 massacred ten thousands of Azeris and exposed more than a million civilians to ethnic genocide.  Do you know about pains and sufferings that the land of Azerbaijan has been through as a result of Armenian aggression. Is it a war? No, it is a Hell. Hell that only a few are known about. Those who died (may peace be upon them) in the hands of Armenian aggressors will keep their silence forever, those who lived through this may never want to speak again...  Their killing of tens of innocent Turkish diplomats and civilians through terror organizations like ASALA that the same Armenian patrons have established in recent history has not yet faded in our memories. A number of vicious murders that ASALA carried out were committed in our country Canada. We don't think you have forgotten these murders. Fanatic Armenians arguing the so-called genocide have the only one aim. These patrons are after the dream of founding Big Armenia by abusing the humanitarian values. For this they have first invaded Nagorno KARABAKH and now by propagandizing the so-called genocide, they wish to obtain land from Turkey. If the opposite of this were true, fanatical patrons would openly declare their respect to the territorial integrity of their neighbours. 


We invite you to reject the proposal of Canadian Senate about so-called Armenian genocide that obviously will have no contribution to the regional and world peace. We believe that steps towards this direction are extremely important in the development of friendly relations between CANADA and AZERBAIJAN and TURKEY as well as in the adoption of a common attitude against terror that threatens the whole civilized world.


Sincerely yours,


Members of Board Directors of the

Canada Azerbaijan Partnership

199 Garden Cres.,
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8V 4T3
Phone: (905) 383-7573