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Statistical Training Workshop in Azerbaijan


Official statistics provide an indispensable element of the information system of a democratic society, serving the Government, the economy and the public with data about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation.


This Statistical Training Workshop is committed to providing statistical training that meets the needs of Odlar Yurdu University (OYU) staff, and the State Statistical Committee (SSC) staff in Azerbaijan. The training program offers different levels of statistical training by high-level Canadian trained statistical experts.


Workshop proposes the establishment of a network among CAPA, SSC and OYU. Such network must specifically

(i)                  improve the efficiency and effectiveness of national statistical systems

(ii)                facilitate coordination and communication between SSC of Azerbaijan and Canadian Statistical Agencies

(iii)               strengthen the SSCís individual training capabilities,

(iv)              align their statistical training programs to international priorities without prejudicing their right to carry out programs specific to their own country needs

(v)                disseminate best practice and exchange expertise amongst them.


Success in achieving these ends will help enable the national statistical system, and specifically the SSC, in responding efficiently and effectively to national and international obligations.


The Methodology Workshop Programme will offer a series sessions to provide OYU and SSC staff with background knowledge in the diverse statistical methods currently used by Canadian Statisticians. Each session will be designed to arouse interest and discussion, by providing staff with a wider understanding of the survey process and issues involved.